A General Overview of the Importance of Neurotransmitters in Mental Health

smiling female doctor with molecule of serotonin

Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that function as messengers in the brain. The brain needs neurotransmitters to function correctly. When neurotransmitters fall out of balance, the entire nervous system will fail to function properly. In this way, a neurotransmitter imbalance can have a great impact on your overall health and happiness.

The human brain has literally billions of cells called neurons. The brain cells communicate with the other systems in the body through the nerve cells that carry messages throughout the body. For the brain the send and receive signals it needs to have a proper balance of neurotransmitters. When the neurotransmitters in the brain are out of whack, neurological messages in the brain end up missing their destinations or they become jumbled and confused.

Mental and emotional health and well-being depends a great deal on the health of our brains, which depends on proper levels of neurotransmitters. The health of our brain may be influenced by all kinds of factors including nutrition, exercise and overall health. Only the smallest neurotransmitter imbalance can throw off our mental functioning to the degree that we end up suffering a variety of mental and emotional symptoms.

Neurotransmitter imbalance may result in several different symptoms that can have a negative impact on our daily lives. Symptoms include mood swings, inattention, depression, cravings and addiction just to name a few. If you are experiencing these symptoms don’t ignore them, but get in touch with a physician who treats neurological conditions.

While the it is true that experts like James Eells MD are still studying the probable causes of neurotransmitter imbalances, there are several habits and activities that have been linked to neurotransmitter imbalance quite certainly. One thing that seems to be directly connected to neurotransmitter imbalance is excessive stress. When you are constantly stressed, you often end up using a variety of substances to excess, including coffee, nicotine and alcohol. One immediate way that you can deal with these problems is to make some lifestyle changes that will help you deal with stress more effectively, so you will not depend on substances like alcohol and nicotine to deal with your stress. Simple lifestyle changes like increased exercise, dietary changes, quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol and coffee consumption can all contribute greatly to improved neurotransmitter function.

All it takes to discover if you are suffering from an imbalance in your neurotransmitters is take a simple medical test. If you would like to find out more about the importance of neurotransmitters all you have to do is visit the website of Dr. James Eells who diagnoses, treats and studies neurological problems like neurotransmitter imbalance. The best way to find the website of a doctor who treats neurotransmitter imbalances is to perform a search on your favorite search engine for neurotransmitter therapies.


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